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Kamran Pasha
on Jesus and Vegetarianism

Kamran Pasha, author of Mother of the Believers -- a novel about the birth of Islam -- is now writing another novel about the birth of Christianity.  He has also written a very insightful blog on Jesus' attitude towards animals, titled "Jesus and the Ethical Treatment of Animals," which perhaps gives us some clues into what the novel will cover. 

He talks about the disputes in the early church, Paul, the Ebionites, Epiphanius and the pseudo-Clementine literature, James the brother of Jesus, and vegetarianism.  In fact, as I'm reading this blog, I'm thinking, this guy has really done his research!  In fact, it sounds like he's read my book! 

And indeed, after he gets about 2/3 of the way through, he mentions that he has read my book (The Lost Religion of Jesus), in connection with the idea that the confrontation in the temple was over the issue of animal sacrifice, and the absorption of Ebionites ideas into mystical Islam. 

The Lost Religion of Jesus is not the only book he cites, or even the first.  He also mentions Robert Eisenman's book James the Brother of Jesus and Barrie Wilson's book How Jesus Became Christian.  But I'm glad that this topic is now getting attention from a distinguished novelist and writer. 

Keith Akers
September 8, 2009