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About Kate Lawrence

My path to peace through simple living dates back thirty years, when I began to meditate regularly. In the process, Iíve explored both Christian and Buddhist practice. The former included being employed full-time for ten years as a church administrator, which developed my skills in teaching, retreat planning, newsletter editing, and youth work, as well as being the point-person for all happenings in a large busy church. My path in Buddhism has encompassed The Community for Mindful Living, in which I founded a sangha still active after 10 years, as well as Vipassana and Zen practice.

In the 1990's, I took six years off to be a volunteer activist and writer on vegetarian and environmental issues, which included organizing outreach events, conference planning, and distributing information. I spent several years as an active musician, playing old-time banjo for contradances and other public events. In the last twenty years I have learned to eat a vegetarian diet, buy secondhand, re-use and recycle, ride my bike to work, grow some veggies (I completed the Master Gardener and Master Composter programs) and, in general, to think about my lifestyle choices.

In 2010 I retired from a position as a reference librarian serving all ages of people. Iím married to Keith Akers, also an activist and author, who has written two books and a number of thought-provoking articles (see his website, We live in Denver, Colorado, where we continue to educate the public about vegetarian issues.

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Kate Lawrence may be the only female vegan Buddhist 
old-time banjo player in the world.