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Overview of the McDonald's Lawsuit

The lawsuit against McDonald's concerning beef in the french fries, a divisive controversy not only with McDonald's but also within the vegetarian movement, is over.  

On March 31, 2005, the Illinois Appeals Court upheld the distribution of $10 million in the case.  There were no further appeals and the money is in the process of being distributed. 

The articles below all relate to different phases of the story, 

The McDonald's Lawsuit: What's the Story?

First published in the March / April 2004 issue of VegNews.  This is the most complete account of the entire case, though at the time it was written the conclusion of the case was over a year away.  

McDonald's Lawsuit Timeline

McDonald's Lawsuit Settlement Agreement

McDonald's Lawsuit Proposed Allocation

List of Vegetarian Appellants

Corrections to the VegNews article

The five items above are related to the original VegNews article.

McDonald's Lawsuit is Over

This brief article, which appeared in the September / October 2005 issue of VegNews, concerns the appellate court's decision and the responses by some of the recipients as to how they are going to spend the money.  

Appellate Court Decision

This is the decision of the Appellate Court of Illinois, First Judicial District, on March 31, 2005.  Warning: this is a large PDF file, 712 KB.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. 

McDonald's Lawsuit Fries Vegetarian Nerves

An earlier article published in Vegetarian Living, May/June 2003.  This has some minor errors and I include it for historical purposes to show my own opinions at the time.  The VegNews article, above, is the definitive history of the case.