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Corrections to Article 

(these have been incorporated into the online version)

1. The McDonald's press release about the french fries being cooked in 100% vegetable oil was issued in July 23, 1990 (as correctly stated elsewhere in the article), not in July 2003, as stated in the first paragraph due to a typographical error.  

2. John Robbins states that I have not used the entire quotation he gave me.  This doesn't materially alter the sense of the story, but I have used the entire quotation in the online version.  

UPDATE June 13, 2011: for what it's worth, here is how the original paragraph on Robbins read in the print version of the VegNews article:

John Robbins said, "with all the legal wranglings and obvious misunderstanding and turblulence, I really am not informed enough to offer anything worthwhile by way of comments."  He described himself as a "friend" both of Jeff Nelson and Sue Havala Hobbs (associated with VRG), adding "I am sorry to see things have become so divisive."  

3. June 9, 2005: I have now updated the timeline to include events from 2004 and 2005, and to reflect the actual dates that the lawsuits were filed in different states in 2001.  I updated the settlement allocation to indicate that the court upheld the proposed settlement and the money is in the process of being distributed.