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About Keith Akers

Iíve written two books, The Lost Religion of Jesus and A Vegetarian Sourcebook (described elsewhere on this web site).  Besides vegetarianism, simple living, and the history of religion, I'm also very much interested in ecological economics, limits to growth, peak oil, and environmental issues.  Underlying all of these interests, there is a single value, that of compassion.

I was a computer programmer for nearly 20 years, but have retired to devote myself to writing and activism.  My wife (Kate Lawrence) worked as a librarian and is also retired.  I've been involved with various vegetarian groups for over a quarter of a century, including the Vegetarian Society of D. C., the Vegetarian Society of Colorado, and the International Vegetarian Union.  I'm currently running the group Denver Vegans.

The world faces a crisis of the greatest magnitude, which is difficult to exaggerate: we are staring the collapse of industrial civilization right in the face.  We have encountered the "limits to growth" due to resource shortages.  Oil is only the most visible and obvious resource problem, but dozens of others are waiting in the wings (soil erosion, deforestation, climate change, you name it). 

Things are changing fast, and this isn't something that only future generations will see. It's happening right now. We need to prepare on multiple levels.  We need a world and a civilization in which humans live in harmony with the animals and plants around us. The most difficult part of this transition will be in the parts of our lives which are most familiar: our food, our families, and what gives us meaning.  I want to talk to anyone, especially vegetarians and vegans, who understands the challenge which all of this presents and wants to work on the specifics.

This is what my books, my blog, my life is about.  The quickest way to find out more about me is to take a look at this web site and my books.  If you're local to Denver, visit us at the Denver Vegans.  If you're not local, send me an e-mail (see above), drop me a card, or comment on something on my blog that interests you.  Stay in touch.

If your group wants to hear Keith Akers speak, send me e-mail and we can talk.  Send me e-mail at:

P. S. The photo of the bridge (at the very top of this page and other pages) was taken in the fall of 2011 at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee.