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Mostly about Peace

Does Something Need to Be Said about the Middle East?
Like maybe: war crimes are not a good idea?

Uri Avnery's Speech
At the anti-war rally in Tel-Aviv, August 5, 2006

Help! Peacemongers! (Uri Avnery)
Uri Avnery's latest thoughts on the Middle East situation, September 16, 2006

Peace Rally and Counter-Rally in Crawford, Colorado
Protesters and counter-protesters find that they share a lot in common

Speech by Karen W. Gallob at the Crawford Peace Rally

About Iraq
September 11 was a terrible tragedy, but there are other tragedies in the world as well

Rice for Peace (circulated on the internet, from various sources)

A Proposal to Listen for Peace and Security, from Plum Village

Vegetarianism, World Peace, and Justice, by Dilip Barman
There's a relationship between excessive consumption and violence.


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