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Defeat: Another Inconvenient Truth
We can't extricate ourselves from Iraq, because almost no one wants to admit defeat and almost no one wants to deal seriously with our dependence on oil

America Enters the Crisis Period: Is it the Fourth Turning Yet?
Neil Strauss and William Howe predicted, back in 1991, that America would enter a period of crisis ("fourth turning") about, well, now -- has it happened yet?

"America is Addicted to Oil": Twelve Steps to End Oil Addiction
In which I actually agree with something that George W. Bush says

The McDonald's Lawsuit: What's the Story?
A divisive controversy within vegetarianism -- what's at stake?

Vegetarian or Vegan?
Vegans need to be allies, not enemies, of lacto-vegetarians

Community and Individualism
Or, why simple living is so complex

Sustainable Beef
Response to a letter in WorldWatch magazine -- grazing is worse than factory farming.

Sustainable Beef (Again)
Wow, they printed my response (above)!  But with their response; here's my response to their response.  

Colloquium on the Peak and Decline of Oil Production, by R. Johnson

The Future of Vegetarianism
It depends on emphasizing ethics and the environment, not just health

Bringing an End to World Hunger
If you’re talking about anything more than a stopgap measure, you’re talking about vegetarianism

History of the Vegetarian Society of D. C.
The oldest vegetarian group in North America has a history which reflects the currents in the vegetarian movement

Out of Synch?
The main struggle we face is not to persuade others to our point of view, but just to get them to think about it at all

The Night in Which All Cows are Black
It's not too late to make a few comments on the really obscure stuff in nineteenth century philosophy

Is Honey Vegan?
A lot of people didn't like Dr. Michael Greger's celebrated article "Why Honey is Vegan" in Satya -- but they might want to read the article first


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