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Excerpts from comments on A Vegetarian Sourcebook

"I enjoyed reading Keith Akers’ book A Vegetarian Sourcebook. The author has explained vegetarianism well and clearly demonstrated an understanding of this complex subject."

—Professor David Pimentel, Cornell University, coauthor, Food, Energy, and Society

"Recommended Reading."

--American Dietetic Association, "Eating Well—the Vegetarian Way."

"Akers’ work is a milestone . . . well-written, concise and essential for every serious student of the subject."

Scott Smith, Vegetarian Times

"The best possible introduction to the subject."

Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation

"How refreshing to find a new book on vegetarianism that doesn’t recycle old arguments but adds to our knowledge in a well reasoned and intelligent manner."

Vic Sussman, author of The Vegetarian Alternative

"This book leaves one thinking that our carnivorism will be as incomprehensible to our great-grandchildren as slavery is to us now."

David Weinberger, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Well-researched . . . In the impressive ecological section, he demonstrates the devastation that livestock agriculture historically has wreaked upon land, water, and power resources."

Judith Eannarino in Library Journal

"The author discusses basic subjects but quickly leaves the established pathway. . . . An invaluable source of reference."

Susan Williams, R. D. in Your Life and Health

"I like his even-handed discussion of the issues, one devoid of self-righteous palaver but spiked with wit and pithy substance."

Peter Wild, Not Man Apart

"In a compact, readable volume Akers presents a reasoned, forceful argument for a vegetarian diet on nutritional, ecological and ethical grounds."

Publishers’ Weekly

"His appetizing prose strikes a natural balance among economics, ethics, and good health ... Believing that I already knew much about the vegetarian diet before I read Mr. Akers’ work, I discovered that there was much more to learn ..."

—Congressman Andy Jacobs (D-Indiana)



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