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The Forgotten Beginnings of Creation and Christianity

By Carl Anders Skriver

Translated and edited by Angela Ingle, Michael Skriver, and Keith Akers

Denver: Vegetarian Press, 1990

This book is now out of print from Vegetarian Press.  The best source is the American Vegan Society, see their catalog here.  It is also available as a used book through such sources as Abe Books or Amazon but may be rather expensive there -- try American Vegan Society first where you can get a brand new copy.

Carl Anders Skriver (1903-1983) has the distinction of being one of the first modern scholars to argue that Jesus was a vegetarian on historical grounds.  Carl Skriver was an Evangelical Lutheran minister and a pioneer in the area of Christian vegetarianism.  In this book, his last major work, he goes back to the "forgotten beginnings" of the world -- the original vegetarian creation of the world, free from violence and killing.  His  reinterpretations of the first chapters of Genesis show how the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Flood can be understood in a vegetarian way.  A scholar of Vedic literature, Skriver shows parallels between both the Genesis stories and the prophecies of a world-redeemer in other cultures throughout the ancient East.  Skriver also fundamentally revises conventional ideas about the mission of Jesus -- as Jesus, also, sought to return the religion of his day to these forgotten beginnings.  

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