Working on my web site

I am working on converting my web site over so that the blog works under WordPress.  In the meantime, all of my blogs are still being installed as static pages.  You can visit them by going here.  When fully converted, existing current and older blogs will be moved over to the WordPress blog.  I have no solid time estimate for completion but I am hoping that the new look will be in place by March 1.  See you then.

UPDATE Jan. 26: Much too pessimistic!  Full conversion is more like February 1.  Past blogs are all there, although some links probably still don’t work.

UPDATE Jan. 30: everything is converted, all the links should be working.  If something is wrong, please bring it to my attention.

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  1. Keith Akers says:

    One of the great features of the new blog will be the ability to make comments.

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