Slaughter as Art — update

UPDATE Feb. 29: the “slaughter for art” project has been cancelled. Local activist Judy Carman met with Amber Hansen (the artist), her partner Nicholas, and KU professor Elizabeth Schultz on Monday. Amber will still display the empty coop and there will be a public dialogue at the end of the project.

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There have been some new developments in the Spencer Museum’s proposal to slaughter five chickens as part of an art project in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Lawrence Journal-World and the Kansas City Star have both published articles on the controversy. The KC Star reports that killing chickens for food within Lawrence city limits is actually illegal!  Also, the restaurant “715” which was originally slated to serve the chickens as a meal after their slaughter has now withdrawn from the project.  The KC Star also quotes Kate Lawrence, who has written an excellent blog on the subject giving her open letter to the Spencer Museum.

United Poultry Concerns has posted articles urging people to tell Rocket Grants (which is funding the project) not to support this project, to tell the Percolator (where the chickens are scheduled to be slaughtered) that they should end their participation, and to write to the individuals on the Percolator’s board of directors.

In other backyard livestock news:

The National Association of Realtors is raising the issue of backyard chickens on their website, questioning whether backyard chickens will affect property values.

E Magazine also discusses whether the spread of backyard livestock is leading to homeless chickens and goats.

The Toronto Star reports that Toronto, Canada recently decided to continue its ban on backyard chickens.

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