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Islam on Christian Factionalism

Factionalism in the early church is baffling to many people. Sometimes, important realities about a religion are more visible to outsiders than to the participants themselves — or even to the scholars of those religions.  To early Islam, the factionalism … Continue reading

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Factionalism in the Early Church

Christianity was shattered into many different factions at an unusually early stage. What do scholars make of the huge multiplicity of different Christian groups? For example, what caused it? Any ideas, scholars? Or anyone else? For me, this is a … Continue reading

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Review of “Disciples” by Brian Wagner

Here’s another review of Disciples: – – – - Keith Akers’ latest effort, Disciples:  How Jewish Christianity shaped Jesus and Shattered the Church, is a ground-breaking examination of a largely misunderstood period in Christian history.  Akers’ illumination of primary sources … Continue reading

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“Disciples” now available in Kindle format

Disciples is now available in Kindle (e-book) format! You can order it on Amazon here.

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If you’re in Denver, come hear me give a talk on “Veganism and Christianity: Should We Care?” on Saturday, March 22, at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 South Monroe Street, Denver, Colorado.  It’s the monthly potluck of the Denver … Continue reading

Christian / Vegetarian Dialogue II

What would a dialogue between Christians and vegetarians look like? Such a dialogue would make sense if both parties to the dialogue had something to bring to the table. At the present time this is a dialogue in which no … Continue reading

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Christian / Vegetarian Dialogue I

Is dialogue between vegetarians and Christians even possible? Although the modern Western vegetarian movement was originally started by Christian vegetarians (members of the Bible Christian Church, now defunct), Christian vegetarianism is scarcely even mentioned these days. Christians have largely rejected … Continue reading

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Who is the Audience for “Disciples”?

Several people have asked me who my target audience is for Disciples, or for my previous book The Lost Religion of Jesus. When I write about Christianity and vegetarianism, who is my audience? Christians? Vegetarians? Someone else?  A friend of … Continue reading

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Review of “Disciples” on All-Creatures.Org

Frank and Mary Hoffman, who administer the website, one of the top Christian vegetarian websites in English, recently reviewed Disciples. Here’s what they said: Disciples by Keith Akers is a very interesting and well researched book. The main focus … Continue reading

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Pious Fraud, Vegetarian Style

The New Testament includes many books whose actual authors are other than they are claimed to be. That is, they are forgeries — but made it into the New Testament anyway.  Paul’s two “letters to Timothy,” for example, were not … Continue reading

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