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Review of Disciples by Judy Carman

Judy Carman, author of Peace to All Beings, has written a review of Disciples which appeared in the summer 2014 issue of American Vegan, the publication of The American Vegan Society.  Here’s what she has to say.

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The recently-concluded Denver event “Hoofin It” (August 17-20th) featured a different hoofed animal each day at different restaurants for customers to eat. The meat is from “responsibly raised hoofed animals,” and it was a benefit for the Colorado Food Guild, … Continue reading

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“Day of Action” for Rabbits

The “Day of Action” on August 17 to protest Whole Foods’ decision to sell rabbit meat is quickly gathering force. VegNews Daily has an article, “Campaign Targeting Whole Foods: Stop Selling Rabbit Meat”; and Animals 24-7 asks, “Are skinned and … Continue reading

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Our contribution to

Kate and I received an e-mail from Micah Parkin, the leader of Colorado chapter of, asking for people to submit stories about local action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  We submitted our story, which has now been published in … Continue reading

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The Church Potluck, Reimagined

Lauren Lisa Ng, an ordained American Baptist minister and committed vegan, has written a very thoughtful blog on “The Church Potluck, Reimagined.” It has direct relevance for everyone who is interested in veganism and Christianity and is well worth reading. … Continue reading

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Vegan Christian Holidays

One person recently commented on this site, “Compassionate Spirit could respond [to the need for a vegetarian or vegan alternative in Christianity] by offering a religious experience at Christmas and Easter to see if it meets a need.” This request … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Selling Rabbit Meat

UPDATE August 15: A “Day of Action” is planned for August 17, see this link for more details. Whole Foods is now selling rabbit meat in some of their northern California stores.  The House Rabbit Society has issued an outraged … Continue reading

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Vegan Looks for a Church

Peg Farrar is a local (metro Denver) vegan activist who is looking for a church where she and her family can feel at home. I thought it would be interesting to interview her for this blog and she agreed. This … Continue reading

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Interview on “Main Street Vegan”

I will be interviewed by Victoria Moran of “Main Street Vegan” on Wednesday, June 18, at 1 pm Mountain Daylight time (that’s noon Pacific, 2 pm Central, and 3 pm Eastern). Most people listen to the podcast rather than the … Continue reading

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Paul and Jesus (review)

Paul and Jesus. How the Apostle Transformed Christianity. James Tabor. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2012. This is a marvelous little book which is basic to understanding the “historical Paul.” It’s so simple, elegant, and straightforward, that after reading it, … Continue reading

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