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Technical Issues with “Compassionate Spirit”

Keith AkersThis site has had some technical issues in the past 24 hours as I make the transition to a new web host. You may have seen a strange-looking page, “not found” messages, and so forth. I have also purged some, but not all, of the older static files (there were some items going back over a decade). The problems have now been resolved; let me know of any issues you have accessing the site. UPDATE August 22: as of this morning there was still a problem; the site displayed the web host home screen (instead of the main page of the blog). This has now been fixed. Let me know of any further issues or problems.

Technical issues with Compassionate Spirit

The Compassionate Spirit blog has recently experienced technical issues, specifically that “subscribers” to my blog have not been notified when a new blog comes out. In the past few days, some of you have likely noticed some “Testing” blogs which have gone up (and now, come back down) to make sure that this function works. The problem has now been fixed; thanks for your patience. E-mail me if you have problems with the subscription feature: send it to keith “at” compassionatespirit “dot” com.


I have suffered a stroke. It was relatively mild and it was NOT diet-related (and I have the angiograms to prove it).  I am finally home from the hospital and expect a full recovery. Tons of future blog post material has been thrust in to my life.

You will not hear from me on this blog at least until February 1, 2013, if then for a while.  The publication of Disciples will also be affected a bit, details to come.  I am also incapable of responding to e-mails, Facebook requests, or phone calls.  Some of you may legitimately need to contact me before then (like several business associates!).  I will try to contact you myself as time and strength permits.  Please don’t try to contact me directly through any means, but go through my wife, Kate Lawrence, or via U. S. mail (which Kate will filter).  You may contact Kate via e-mail (kate “at” practicalpeacemaker “dot” com) or by phone (we’re in the Denver phone book; no big secret).

I hope to see you all again soon. Continue reading

Keith Akers

January 23, 2012

I am working on converting my web site over so that the blog works under WordPress.  In the meantime, all of my blogs are still being installed as static pages.  You can visit them by going here.  When fully converted, existing current and older blogs will be moved over to the WordPress blog.  I have no solid time estimate for completion but I am hoping that the new look will be in place by March 1.  See you then.

UPDATE Jan. 26: Much too pessimistic!  Full conversion is more like February 1.  Past blogs are all there, although some links probably still don’t work.

UPDATE Jan. 30: everything is converted, all the links should be working.  If something is wrong, please bring it to my attention.