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The economy is part of the environment, not vice versa.

Interview with John Howe

John Howe is a vegetarian who “walks the walk” concerning sustainability and simple living on his farm in Maine. He is the author of The End of Fossil Energy. His book is excellent and deserves more attention, especially from vegetarians. … Continue reading

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Response to the Post’s editorial

We still have a few more hours to protest the proposal to destroy the heart of Chatfield State Park to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Comments are due by midnight September 3 (that’s today). Send an e-mail to … Continue reading

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Chatfield State Park to be destroyed by greed

An insipid, half-baked plan to destroy Chatfield State Park is now going full-steam ahead. Today The Denver Post has weighed in on the side of the “greed” faction. The opportunity to speak out is closing fast – comments are due … Continue reading

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Great New Book on the Collapse of Civilizations

Secular Cycles. Peter Turchin and Sergey Nefedov.  Princeton University Press, 2009. Secular Cycles is a phenomenal and important book.  It is clearly of interest to anyone who is concerned about things like the collapse of civilizations, and specifically the possible … Continue reading

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Is Violence Declining?

Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker, in The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (Penguin Books, 2011), argues that human violence has declined. Violence was much more widespread in primitive societies than in historical times, and more widespread … Continue reading

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The Fire Blog (continued)

Last year, I wrote a blog about the wildfires in Colorado. Wildfires were huge, and after the Waldo Canyon fire, President Obama came out to Colorado and gave a soothing speech. This year, we once again have wildfires burning in … Continue reading

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Are We Screwed?

The April 2013 issue of VegNews, their environmental issue, asks on the cover: “Are We Screwed?” The cover quickly adds: “We don’t think so—219 reasons why!” I don’t see any list of 219 reasons, but the ones listed on the … Continue reading

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Anthony Marr

We went to hear Anthony Marr last Monday night.  He spoke on “How to Save Planet Earth.”  Anthony Marr is unusual in the vegan community because, unlike most vegans, he has a scientific background and clearly understands the whole problem … Continue reading

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Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is a just-released documentary which makes climate change both undeniable and vivid. James Balog, a National Geographic photographer who was once a climate change skeptic, sets out to photograph evidence of the effects of climate change. He goes … Continue reading

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Clueless on Climate Change

Which is worse, a President who doesn’t believe in climate change, or a President who believes in it but won’t do anything about it? President Obama’s brief remarks on climate change (about 500 words) at yesterday’s news conference clearly demonstrates … Continue reading

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