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“Eating at the Table of Gentiles”?

There’s a point in A Polite Bribe when we approach the dramatic confrontation between Paul and Peter at Antioch. Paul thought that he, James, and Peter, had a deal: the message of Jesus could go to the gentiles. But in … Continue reading

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A Polite Bribe — Great New Video on Early Christianity

A great new video on early Christianity, A Polite Bribe, has been released. If you’ve never read Paul’s letters or the book of Acts, well guess what–now you don’t have to! They’ve made a movie out of it! Moreover, it’s … Continue reading

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This Just In: Ancient Temple was a Slaughterhouse!

Well, surprise, surprise! According to a recent archeological report, the ancient temple in Jerusalem was a slaughterhouse that powered the local economy. The animals sacrificed came from both near and far away, which “confirms visions of the temple depicted in … Continue reading

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Why the Anger Against Israel?

You can’t have a heart and a brain and not see the problem with Israel’s actions in the recent attack on the unarmed flotilla sending supplies to Gaza. Perhaps more than a dozen were killed (estimates vary); one of them … Continue reading

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